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December 2010 Kayaköy / Λεβισσι

Searching souls and soul searching in Kayaköy.

Kayaköy, known as Levissi in Greek is situated in Turkey’s Teke peninsula, part of ancient Lycia. In the early 1900’s it was home to an estimated 3,000 Greeks. Following the Greco-Turkish war, 1919-1922 and the subsequent exchange of populations, the Greeks were forcibly expelled. Some of those Greek refugees founded the Athens suburb of Nea Livissia.

What remains now is the largest “ghost-town” in Asia minor, an eerie, empty place with hundreds of run-down, deserted homes, two derelict Orthodox churches and an other-worldly atmosphere of intense sadness.

These are 20th century ruins in a region rich with ancient Greek ruins.

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