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I took these photographs during aimless wanderings around downtown Beirut in 1998, but I only got round to tinting them 21 years later, weeks before my second trip to Beirut.

Why tint these particular photos with such lively colours? To add an air of optimism to overwise tragic, haunting scenes, to lift these bullet-ridden, broken buildings out of devastation and depression and to contribute in a way to the reconstruction process.

The collection is divided into two parts: The completed prototype prints & the "Making Of".

I'll soon be tinting another collection of Beirut 1998 photos.

August 2019

These are B&W hand-tinted photographs. I essentially used my stock of Chinese inks which I'd bought in China in the 1980s. To see the "Making Of", follow this link:
Rebuilding BeirutThe "Conseil d'État" in waiting. 1998Bougainvillea & destructionOnce a HotelMakeshift mosque & church: living together side-by-side 1Makeshift mosque & church: living together side-by-side 2Greek Orthodox Church, downtown Beirut, 1998Al Omari Grand Mosque 1998, BeirutThe Holiday Inn, symbol of Beirut's collective memory. 1998.Lost dreams of 1001 nightsBeirut fragmentRebuilding the Downtown - layers of LifeWaiting for renovation ... or demolition?Nature & concreteA Greener Future is ComingOnce OlivettiThe Egg, Martyrs Square 1998

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