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Hong Kong in solidarity. Scenes of mourning in the wake of the bloody crackdown at Tiananmen Square, Beijing 1989 following massive student uprising. Chinese troops fired on civilians. Thousands lost their lives.
1. This Government will inevitably collapse2. Putting up the banners, Central, HK3.Ready to demonstrate for democracy4. Mourning those who lost their lives on Tianamen Square.5. Hong Kong Pro-democracy demonstration at Admiralty6. Encouraging the Pro-Democracy demonstrators7.Mandarin Hotel employees in mourning8. Mandarin Hotel employees in mourning9. Mandarin Hotel employees in mourning10. Hong Kong crowd in mourning11. Underpass banners near Xinhua News Agency12. Posters on wall of Xinhua News Agency13. Deng, Li & the police at Xinhua14. Duty cops at Xinhua News Agency15. Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong16. Banners at Xinhua17. Detail: Wall at Xinhua18.Kids for democracy19. Getting ready to demonstrate20. Girl greets flag bearer

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