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September 2013
Mixed messages on the walls of Athens. I roamed the familiar streets of Exarcheia in search of anti-Troika or anti ERT shutdown poster shreds but in vain... I found signs of solidarity with Istanbul's Gezi Park protestors, stencils inspired by Diane Arbus's "Boy with a toy hand grenade in his hand", and a memorial to 15-year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos, killed by a police officer in 2008. In contrast, in the district of Panormou, backstreet walls screamed hatred, intolerance and hooligan pride. Some days later, rapper Pavlos Fyssas, alias Killah P was assassinated by members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn.
No families, only hoolsDiane Arbus's "Boy with a hand-grenade" appears on Athens streetsLathos - mistakeHools against policeIstanbul

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hmmm ça parle beaucoup - bravo - Brenda has yet again hit the spot and captured strong emotions of a time & place
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