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Hong Kong, August 2009.

On Hong Kong Island, some things never change …
- like the sensation of sitting on top of and preferably right up front, on one of their unique, almost antique, double-decker trams bound for the market district of Shau Kei Wan. A bird’s eye view on life….
- like the rain which has been falling on the island since the beginning of time.

Resident in Hong Kong during the 1980’s, photographer Brenda Turnnidge returns in 2009 to witness and celebrate change and at the same reflect on life. Taking time out from the constant crowd and perpetual buzz of Hong Kong’s Central district, she boards a tram, makes her way to the top deck and sits down.
Calm before the storm.
The sun gives way to rain, spotting then lashing against the windowpane until it fills with abstrait droplets … time to start shooting …
The windowpane mists over, we can hardly make out where we are, where we’re going but suddenly everything is so clear in her mind …And she reflects upon why it is that she, sun worshipper that she is, takes some of her best photographs when it rains…

The RAIN TRAM series was taking during Hong Kong’s typhoon season 2009

All photographs © Brenda Turnnidge 2009

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