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On my visits to Athens during the 1990s, I was drawn like a magnet to Mr Angelopoulos’s bric à brac store on the corner of Pittaki & Ermou, the boundary of the now-gentrified Psirri district.

His dummies & mannequins appeared like something out of a Fellini movie, unlike any I’d seen in the nearby Flea Market. In passing, he once told me that his store often attracted Japanese photo shoots for fashion magazines. Hardly surprising.
In rememberance of Mr Angelopoulos.
Dedicated to all Athenians & Athens, the city I love.


Music mix by Brenda Turnnidge, including sounds from the streets of Athens with the refrain of “Koukla Mou Essi”, by renowned Greek musician Grigoris Bithikotsis (1955).

Koukla means doll in Greek.

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