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Syria / Lebanon 1998

I'm currently working on my photo archives which go back 35 years. With Syria constantly in the news, I stopped to take a closer look at this selection which I put together in 2012, one year after the Syrian war began. Since then Syria has been devastated, Lebanon is now "home" to 1.3 million Syrian refugees.

Taking a photographic journey back in time is both therapeutic and revealing. But why did these particular photographs feature almost solely men? Where were the women back in 1998? What truths do these photos convey?

What does Sharia El Baron look like now? Are the movie theatres still standing? If so, do they still show a steady diet of action films, soft porn & trashy B movies?

Does Rafik Hariri's legacy stiill live on in Lebanon?
What has happened to the other politicians who adorned the walls back in 1998?

What about the innocent bystanders in my photographs?

What future is there?
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