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Athens streets 2014

My personal 2014 photomix of Athens street art, shredded posters, rust and derelict buildings. This year’s collection features loud, often aggressive, sometimes painful messages. Inspiration didn’t always come easy when faced with layers of often meaningless scrawl and quickly drawn tags but the deep desire to witness and record for posterity did… There’s even a kind of aesthetic harmony that surfaces out of the sometimes shambolic mixed messages. Athens walls talk, take time to try to listen.

The soundtrack is a mish-mash of street sounds, subway noises & announcements. There’s anger: people ranting, an extract from Killah P’s* “ Yia t’aderfia pou hathikan noris”, ( For those brothers who died young) and another extract from ERT, Greek National TV’s final news broadcast.

  • Killah P whose real name was Pavlos Fyssas was murdered in Sept 2013.
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