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At first sight, you may think I took these photos in Thailand. Look closer, these Songkran (Thai New Year) celebrations took place, in France at Wat Thammapathip (Temple of light) on 21 April 2019.

This unique Thai Buddhist temple & monastery is housed in the Château de Lugny, Moissy Cremayel, 50 km from Paris, surrounded by a park with 400 + golden Buddhas.

There’s much merry making, Thai music, dancing,Thai food specialities and people spraying each other with water guns and then smothering both friends & strangers with talc. Buddhists visit the temple to give gifts of food to the monks and pay respects to their ancestors.

Totally sanuk! *

N.B. In Buddhism the sprinkling of water symbolises purification. It washes away the sins and bad luck accumulated during the past year
* Sanuk, is beyond fun. It’s away of life in Thailand!

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