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While based in Amman for 3 months in 2007, I compiled a photographic portfolio of this little known and fascinating country whose history goes back to the original Philadelphia of 8,000 BC.
I decided to take my photographs from different angles, not necessarily from the most obvious, touristic ones.

From Jordan’s sole port in Aqaba, where mobile phone text messages welcome you to Israel or Egypt, I journeyed to historical Umm Quais in the north with its Greco-Roman ruins and breathtaking panoramic views of historically strategic lands: the Jordan Valley, Golan Heights, Sea of Galilee and Lake Tiberias. On a very clear day you can even see Lebanon.

From a distance everything seems tranquil. Close up, it is! Tourists don't flock in masses to key ancient sites such as Jerash, Pella or the desert castles along the King’s Highway.

Jordan offers a haven of calm in a tormented world, exquisite historical sites, desert escapes, old-style Bedouin hospitality and surprises round ever corner. The photogenicity of Petra is legendary, the Dead Sea has to be one of the most the most relaxing places on Earth and there’s so much more to discover.

Welcome to Jordan!
Dead SeaDead SeaAqabaOn the roadOn the roadDesert camp on the King's HighwayAqabaThe Jordan valleyCafé: downtown AmmanCactus, PellaAish, AmmanAmmanAqabaPellaGarish wedding shopJerash: funfairJerash: funfairJerash: funfairJerash: funfairUmm Quais

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