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Anjos, artistas & agitadores
The streets of Lisbon, an urban explosion of colour.

The Portuguese tradition of dressing up walls dates back to the mid 18th century with the introduction of azulejo tiles on city walls ... from those classical blue and white azulejos to the recent Face/Blue Wall Project "Rostos do Muro Azul," around the capital's Psychiatric hospital, the face of the once sedate Portuguese capital has been changed. A vast urban renewal effort has resulted in artists totally transforming Lisbon.

And not just Lisbon, the suburbs too, this video collection also includes photographs taken in the Quinta do Mocho suburb, once considered as a no-go area. The " O Bairro i O Mundo" street art project brought in internationally recognised street artists whose mission was to turn round the housing estate's bad reputation and improve the environment for its residents. This has resulted in the creation of one of Europe's largest and most vibrant open air galleries.

My thanks to all the artists:
Adres, Andres Colado, Aka Corleone, Alexandre Farto aka Vhils, Bicicleta sem freio, Blu, Bordalo II, Crono, Drawing Jesus, Fedor | Third | Draw | Contra, Francisco Camilo, Francisco Ponto Santana, Gonçalo Mar, I’m from Lisbon, Isa Silva, M.A.S.C., M. Chat, Miguel Januario, Monk, Mr Dheo & Mosaik, Niels “Shoe” Muelman, Nomen aka Nuno Reis, Os Gémeos, Pantonio, Paulo Arraiano, Ram, Romero, Sam3, Smile, Tamara Alves, Tosco, Vespa, Wasted Rita
and those I was unable to identify ...
Also to Inês Machado at GAU and Susana Paiva
All photographs © Brenda Turnnidge 2011-2015. Soundtrack mainly recorded on the streets of Lisbon with a little help from Garage Band.
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