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Spirit houses (san phra hum) and spirit trees in Thailand.
Thais construct spirit houses in front of their homes, offices and public buildings in general. The idea is that any spirit who may endanger the inhabitants' lives will stop first at the spirit house to drink the offerings (sodas, tea) and eat any fruit, rice or small delicacies and as a result not go inside and disturb those in the main building. People also leave flowers, intense & candles. You'l notice little figurines guarding the spirit house.

Thais also believe that spirits reside in old trees and tie colourful ribbons around them to keep them at bay and to warn others not to cut the tree down. Offerings are also made to these trees.
Hat Yai spirit house.Hat Yai spirit house.Thai Sprit tree, Bangkok 1982Hat Yai spirit housesSala Daeng Spirit HouseTaking care of the spirits - Rama 4 St.Spirit tree, Song Wat Rd BangkokHat Yai - abandoned spirit housePreparing garlands at Bangkok's Erawan Shrine.Spirit Tree, Soi Rong Phasi, or Customs House Lane,Spirit tree in front of French embassy, BangkokSpirit tree in front of French embassySpirit tree in front of French embassySpirit tree in front of French embassySpirit House by CAT tower, in front of Wat Muang Kae.Spirit tree in front of French embassySpirit house near Bangkok's CAT tower.Bangrak Spirit housePalatial spirit house. Bangrak backstreet.

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