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My life as a carnival: Afro-Bahia
Salvador da Bahia, 2004
There's nothing like the excitement of a carnival to make me feel alive. I've been participating in and photographing carnivals since living & working in London's Notting Hill in the 1970's. Since then I've revelled in carnivals in South America, the Caribbean and Europe. In 2004 I had a chance to photograph the biggest street carnival in the world in Salvador da Bahia, N. E. Brazil where you find "Blocos Afros" and "Afoxes" showing pride in their African ancestry, Japanese rastas drumming like the locals & "Os Filhos de Ghandy" (Sons of Gandhi) in white and blue dancing to a non-violent beat.
I exhibited these photographs at the Galerie Renoir, Cinéma le Latina in Paris in 2005.
As Dondokas

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