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Street art in Paris & the suburbs: 2015-2016
Here's a personal selection of my recent photos from the streets of Paris & the suburbs.

Thanks to all the artists: Artof Popof, C215, Mr Chat, Combo Culture Kidnapper, Da Cruz, Dysturb, El Seed, FKDL, Shepard Fairey, Gregos, , Icy & Sot, Inti, JBC, Kashink, Le Mouvement, Coni Lars, Lil Thugs, Guate Mao, Me Paris,Jerome Mesnager, Mosko, Thierry Noir, Djamel Oulkadi, Pantonio, Jaume Pleusa, Sonke, Stew, Toqué Frères
and all those whose names I couldn’t find

Thanks to the balafon player playing "Guantanamera" at métro Opéra 15/10/15, to the RATP & Vincennes Zoo

Soundtrack recorded on the streets, on the métro & mixed by Brenda Turnnidge

16 August 2016
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