Canton, by Brenda Turnnidge was published in 1987 thanks largely to a crowdfunding campaign ( though it wasn't called that at the time!) and partnerships with both Asia 2000 & China Guides in Hong Kong. If it came into being & if I'm a photographer today, it was mainly due to the then Asia 2000 editor, Charles Goddard's belief in me and his huge efforts to help me turn the Canton dream into a published reality. Thanks go to all my friends who made this possible... for their encouragement Special mention to Saundra, to Philippe with whom I stayed once my year-long contract at Zhongshan University came to an end, to artists Yuan Hao & Zhang Wen, to my students at Zhongshan University, without whom I'd never had gone there in the first place, to Tricia , to Anita who have always been supportive, to my Canton neighbours, Ona & Sophie ... to Chiew, Alison, Chris, Wai-Ping, Tillotson & to many more... These photos, now precious archives, were taken from 1983-1987, a very special period when China was opening to the world. The rest is history.
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