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Vaisakhi - Sikh New Year
Bobigny, France 17 April 2016

Vaisakhi celebrates the creation of the Khalsa (The Pure) order of initiated Sikhs in 1699 by Guru Gobind Singh. It also marks Spring & the Punjabi wheat harvest.

The majority of France’s 10,000 Sikhs live in the Seine-Saint-Denis district in the N.E. of Paris and many of them take part in this annual procession starting out from Bobigny’s Sikh temple, Gurdwara Singh Sabha.

With thanks to the Sikh community in Bobigny.

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Brenda Turnnidge
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Guestbook for Vaisakhi
Karina Zabihi(non-registered)
A wonderful depiction. You have really captured something special Brenda. Wonderful colours and a real sense of the celebration.
Eve Faber-Hibou(non-registered)
Wonderful to view this glowing festival of vibrant colours and movement, set against modern concrete icons which simply become unimportant as the experience carries you further away from Credit Mutuel and hamburgers, back into strong spiritual belief. The excellent soundtrack and sensitive photography draw the spectator right inside, into the vivid orange and pink and brown swirls: I did not want to leave.
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