Anglo-Greek photographer Brenda Turnnidge has been photographing Greece from an early age following in the footsteps of her maternal uncle, Loris Katsaros who was a well-known photographer in Greece during the 60's. On this website, Brenda has chosen to feature Greek collections: 

  • "Talking Walls and Walking Tall" , Photographs from the streets of Athens 2014
  • Athens Art Walls-  2013 collection
  • "Murs...mots d'Athènes !" Photographs from her 2012 Paris exhibitions at the Théâtre de la Ville and the iReMMO ( Institute for research & study on the Mediterranean & Middle East.
  • Perama, photographs taken at the dry docks
  • Alevromavrisma : Carnivalat Galaxidi, 2007
  • Burning Young Hearts, photographs taken at The Athens University of Economics in 2011
  • CromEllas , unique hand-tinted B&W photographs 1989 - 2006
  • Ourano : photographs of the Greek sky